June 19, 2018

A Wonderful Threesome Sex Experience

Three-some sex is so thrilling and enjoyable. However, most escorts charge too much money for such an experience. Most of the time only one guy has money to afford an escort while his two friends are horny but unfortunately so broke. He decides to buy his friends a nice experience which he also has to enjoy. Most cheap London escorts operate from the streets. The beauties are very fun to have in bed for group sex.

Escorts are so talented with multitasking which enables them to have foreplay without anyone being left out. She uses one of her hands in exploring one of your friend’s hairy chest while the other strokes the depth of your penis making you start to have an erection. Your other friend is busy fondling with her shaved honey jar and she starts to moan with pleasure. You decide to lead your friends in exploring the mystery between her legs. Your friends are motivated to masturbate as they wait for you to climax and ejaculate. You derive so much fun seeing your friend’s erect dicks and desperate for their turn. The escort is now out of herself with pleasure and wants more and more thrusting. You dip it deeper and faster and soon, you are moaning as you announce that you are coming.

Your friends are holding on to their erect dicks with both hands in anticipation. One of your friends is unable to hold any longer and simultaneously ejaculates on her breasts. The third friend takes advantage of being the only one with an erection in the room and joins in the fun. The escort is so pleased to have the thrusts continue and is far from reaching an orgasm. Your friend fucks her doggy style as he holds her by the waist, making her moan in pleasure. The contraction and relaxation of his buttocks tell it all about the pleasure he is obtaining from her super wet pussy. He alternates his rhythms from slow to fast making him last until she reaches her orgasm together with him. The escort is now on her peak and your friend has regained an erection after ejaculating on her breasts. He quickly tucks his enormous penis in her well-exposed vagina from behind siding it to its base. You cheer him on together with your friend, as you wait to see whether she can handle another round.…