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ASM meeting agenda has historic roots

On Thursday, May 11, the Lehigh Valley ASM chapter meeting at the Berkleigh Country Club had in attendance some of the Material Science and Engineering department’s most notable individuals.

ASM members, faculty, family, and friends celebrated Arlan O. Benscoter’s 80th birthday with a surprise cake. In October 2015, the Metallographic Preparation Laboratory was named in honor of Benscoter, who joined the department in 1987. He oversaw the optical microscopy labs and student microscopy projects, built up the lab’s equipment along with its reputation, and was lead instructor for MAT 10. Benscoter retired in 2008.

Arlan Benscoter looking very pleased.

The surprise celebration was planned by Laura Moyer, chair of the Lehigh Valley Chapter of ASM International and manager of Metallography, Light Optical Microscopy, and X-ray Diffraction in the department. Moyer has worked extensively with Benscoter and earned her BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees from Lehigh.

Emeritus professor Michael R. Notis, BS ’60, MS ’63, Ph.D. ’69, presented “Composition, Microstructure and Casting Technology of Moche Pre-Columbian Arsenical Bronze Objects,” focusing on alloy composition, microstructure and corrosion effects, and casting technology. Notis was a faculty member of the department from 1969 to 2005, retiring a few years after establishing the department’s first archaeometallurgy lab.

Arlan Benscoter, Mike Notis, and Laura Moyer pose for a picture.

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