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Summer on the summit

Lehigh’s Mountaintop Program is an innovative 8- to 10-week summer program in which students work in teams to identify and solve a variety of problems with real-world implications. Students have complete freedom in how to approach their chosen topic, collaborating across disciplines and embarking on creative intellectual pathways.

Each Mountaintop project contains up to 10 students. The budget includes an average stipend of $5,000 per undergraduate student and $6,000 per graduate student to cover summer living expenses and up to $10,000 per project for miscellaneous expenses (such as specialized equipment, building supplies, technology, and travel).

For the fall 2017 semester, Lehigh is creating a new Mountaintop initiative in an attempt to transition the program to a year-round experience.

Materials students and faculty comprise several summer projects, all of which are listed below.

Advancing 3D Concrete Printing: Methods, Materials, and Applications
Paolo Bocchini, Nicholas D’Angelo, John Fox, Joseph Ingaglio, Clay Naito

Beyond Paper and Pencil: Creating an App to Assess Student Motivation
Kyle Berman, Mooi Choo Chuah, Bridget Dever, Emily Gallagher, Tom Parker

Data, the Internet of Things, and the Empowerment of Everyday Decision-Making
Haiyan Jia, Jeremy Littau, Sarah Stanlick

DataLight, an Interactive New Media Installation
Eric Baumer, Julianne Koch

Fake News: Engaging People with Online Information of Limited Credibility
Nancy Carlisle, Haiyan Jia, Gordon Moskowitz, Dominic Packer, Joseph Vitriol

Growing Mushrooms to Fight Poverty and Food Insecurity in Cambodia
Samuel Evers, Lauren Fosbenner, Bryant Lindsay, Khanjan Mehta, Mark Orrs, Tim Predmore, Sanjana Shree

Health Care for All: Reimagining Street Medicine to Improve Healthcare Delivery Models for Vulnerable, Isolated, and Rural Populations
Ana Alexandrescu, Sarah Stanlick

Improving the Walkability and Increasing Students’ Use of the South Side
Matthew Lubitz, Karen Beck Pooley

Intentional Design: Addressing and Destigmatizing Mental Illness
Bill Best, Jen Brukhman, Deanna Kocher, Caleb Leaser

Tom Collins, Chris Coulon

LaunchBayC Student Idea Accelerator
Lisa Getzler, Chris Kauzmann

The Neurogenetics of Creativity
Donna Heiland, Julie Miwa, Amir Parsa

Recycled Drywall Gypsum Conversion to High Value Products
Jonas Baltrusaitis, Angela Brown, Kenny Honer, Himanshu Jain, Eren Kalfaoglu, Alberto Lamadrid, Carlos Pico

Debera Johnson (Executive Director, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, Pratt Institute)

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