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New, updated materials courses for Fall 2017

NEW: MAT 398/BIOE 395 – Introduction to Biomaterials (3 credits). Application of materials science and engineering principles to biomedical materials with a focus on polymers, ceramics, and metals. Synthesis and fabrication of biomaterials; structure-property-function relationships related to biocompatibility and bioactivity; nano- to macro-scale characterization; material-tissue interactions; and applications of biomaterials including implants, devices, drug delivery, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine. Prerequisite: MAT 33.

UPDATE: MAT 345/445 – Additive Manufacturing and Powder Metallurgy. Application of powder metallurgy in emerging technologies in the field of Additive Manufacturing (aka 3-D Printing). Metal powder fabrication and characterization methods. Powder processing including powder compaction, theory of compacting, press and die design, sintering, hot consolidation and additive manufacturing. Microstructure and properties of sintered materials and their relationship to processing conditions. Industrial applications. Emerging powder metallurgy technologies. NOTE: Credit will not be given for both MAT 345 and MAT 445. Prerequisite: MAT 206 or ISE 215 or ME 240.

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