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Strandwitz awarded Chambers professorship

At Founders Day 2016, Nicholas C. Strandwitz was awarded the Harold Chambers Junior Professorship in Materials Science and Engineering. The professorship is given on a rotating basis to a promising young faculty member at the start of their careers.

In February, Strandwitz and graduate student Ling Ju had their research published as part of Emerging Investigators 2016: Novel design strategies for new functional materials, a series from the Journal of Materials Chemistry C that highlights rising stars of materials chemistry research.

Harold B. Chambers graduated from Lehigh University in 1925 with a bachelors degree in metallurgical engineering. He worked his way up from being the first metallurgist at the fledgling Canadian Atlas Steel Company to becoming its vice president. He retired in 1964 and remained active in research throughout his career, writing numerous papers, giving technical talks, and contributing a chapter to a book. He was a member of the American Society of Metals for more than 60 years and was elected a fellow of the society in 1979.

Chambers’ bequest to the department made the Junior Professorship possible, along with a Senior Professorship award and a Fellow/Post Doctoral Scientist award.

Christopher Kiely holds the Harold Chambers Senior Professorship in Materials Science and Engineering.

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