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Kracum attends EMC 2016

Michael Kracum ’11, graduate student in materials science and engineering studying ceramics, attended the 16th European Microscopy Congress (EMC 2016) held in Lyon, France from August 28 to September 2. His advisors are Helen Chan and Martin Harmer.

The conference focused on light optical and electron microscopy techniques. It had 2300 attendees from 51 different countries, with 310 oral presentations and over 950 posters presented throughout the week. Kracum presented his poster, “Tailored Copper-Alumina Composites Using an In-Situ Partial Reduction Process.”

Kracum also participated in the pre-congress training course “Crystal Orientation and Phase Mapping in the Transmission Electron Microscope” held at the Grenoble Institute of Technology in Grenoble, France. The workshop was related to his research concerning metal nanoparticles within a ceramic matrix and how the orientation of the particles influences the composite’s properties.

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