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Watanabe featured at JEOL

Masashi Watanabe, associate professor in the department of materials science and engineering, has been featured in an article at JEOL, a leading global supplier of electron microscopes, ion beam instruments, mass spectrometers and NMR spectrometers.

In 2014, the department added the JEOL ARM 200CF to its impressive collection of electron microscopes. Watanabe says that Lehigh has “the only Atomic Resolution Microscope with an advanced aberration corrector and ultrahigh resolution pole piece in the Americas — we can honestly say it’s the best 200 kV microscope in the world.”

Students use the ARM to examine the atomic structures in grain boundaries, the interface between two grains or crystallites in metals, and characterize ceramics and catalysis nanoparticles.

Read the full story at JEOL

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