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Lehigh alum to give guest lecture in MAT 218

Students in Mechanical Behavior of Macro/Nanoscale Materials (MAT 218), taught by Helen Chan, will have a Lehigh alum as guest speaker next week.

Dr. John J. Kibler ’66, ’67, and ’69 will present The history of a career in Aerospace, Materials, and Composites Engineering – Otherwise known as a satisfying “random walk through a career.” Kibler will join MAT 218 on Monday, April 11, 2016 at 12:00 noon in WH 303.

Kibler’s research at Lehigh started in fatigue crack growth in aluminum shells, but quickly transitioned into composite materials for both high and low temperature applications.

Kibler’s career began with several years at General Electric Re-entry and Environmental Systems Division in Philadelphia, working on rocket nozzles, nosetips, and space shuttle insulation.

While director of engineering at a small consulting company in Ft. Washington, he spent 25 years conducting high temperature missile materials research for both rockets, missiles, and the space shuttle.

For the past 20 years, Kibler has been working for Composite Optics (now OrbitalATK) based in San Diego, working from his home office in Hamburg.  His work has involved:

  • Surface analysis code development
    • C, C++ windows coding of engineering utilities for surface accuracy
  • Composite material design for communication satellite structures
    • Primarily light weight shaped composite dish structures.
  • Test Data analysis – statistical as well as “backing out” of constituent properties
  • Thermal distortion behavior in satellite communication dishes (composites)
    • Prediction of on orbit distortions.
    • Correlation of properties when things don’t match!
    • Development of Monte Carlo techniques for performing correlation.
  • Ceramic material analysis for missile and other high temperature structures
  • Numerous failure review studies
    • Components that failed due to forces or thermal loading.
    • Structures that did not live up to expectations (failed specs).

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