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Chan profiled in book on successful women in science

Helen M. Chan, chair of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, is showcased in a new book, “Successful Women Ceramic and Glass Scientists and Engineers: 100 Inspirational Profiles” by Lynnette Madsen. The book presents a diverse perspective of successful, inspirational, and progressive women in science and engineering.


Women from 29 countries provide overviews of their successful careers, the challenges they faced, and offer advice. Their profiles include:

  • Affiliation, points of contact, accomplishments (most-cited publication, most prestigious recognitions/awards), and personal insight on best career moment
  • Brief biography and highlights of successes
  • Personal commentary and pointers for young women scientists building their careers

Each woman was asked to provide “words of wisdom” for the book. “There isn’t any one formula for success, however one chooses to define it,” says Chan. “But if I had any words of wisdom, they would be along the lines of, ‘everything I needed to know about work — and life — I learned in a materials lab.’”

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