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Lehigh researchers contribute to new TEM text

Transmission Electron Microscopy: Diffraction, Imaging, and Spectrometry aims to give students a clear and thorough understanding of TEM, the essential tool for studying nanomaterials. The text will be used at the Lehigh Microscopy School in June.

Masashi Watanabe, associate professor of Materials Science and Engineering, wrote Chapter 17, “Practical Aspects and Advanced Applications of XEDS.”

J. Alwyn Eades, emeritus professor, wrote Chapter 4, “CBED: Symmetry & Large-Angle Patterns.” The text’s co-editor is David B. Williams, emeritus professor and currently Dean of the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University.

Watanabe wrote the chapter based on his extensive teaching experience in the X-ray analysis lab in MAT 334 (Microscopy and Microanalysis), MAT 423 (Advanced TEM), and at the Microscopy School. The chapter focuses on practical aspects of X-ray analysis to determine the limit of instruments. It also includes advanced analysis, such as X-ray spectral simulations and quantification by the zeta factor method — developed by both Watanabe and Williams at Lehigh. “Writing a book chapter,” says Watanabe, “is always painful…but fun!”

Other world-renowned researchers contributed chapters in their area of expertise, including sources, in-situ experiments, electron diffraction, Digital Micrograph, waves and holography, focal-series reconstruction and direct methods, STEM and tomography, energy-filtered TEM (EFTEM) imaging, and spectrum imaging.

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