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IMS 2015 awards and photos

In August, our MSE students swept the Class 3 awards in the International Metallographic Society’s poster contest and received an honerable mention in Class 4. Their awards were presented to them on Monday in the WH lobby.

First place and the George L. Kehl Award in Class 3 went to Austin Keller and Hannah Maret for Casting a Curious Carb. Brandon Leonard and Maura Godfrey took second place for Breaking Open a Masterlock Padlock. Third place went to Aidan Din and Brett Ley for A Real Cliff-Hanger, and Sarah Gregori and Sam Present received an honorable mention for Chopping Up a Hatchet.

Patrick Holmes won an honorable mention in Class 4 for his Cu/316 TIG Weld artistry.

The posters are major effort of MAT 206, Processing and Properties of Metals, in which students learn about the production and purification of metals, their fabrication, and control of their properties. The student projects were advised by Wojtek Misiolek, Laura Moyer, and Anthony Ventura.

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