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John DuPont receives JDMTP achievement award

John DuPont, Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and Associate Director of Lehigh’s Energy Research Center (ERC), has received the 2015 Joint Defense Manufacturing Technology Panel (JDMTP) Achievement Award for his project, “Welding of High Strength Steels.”

DuPont recognizes the efforts of his student team in winning this award: Brett Lesiter, Robert Hamlin, and Erin Barrick.

Welds in high strength steels need to match the mechanical properties of the base metal as closely as possible. Dupont’s project sought to establish the influence of welding on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the welds and develop welding procedures and post-weld heat treatments to restore the mechanical properties. The benefits are three-fold: Excess processing steps are reduced, leading to a reduction in lead times; part performance is improved, leading to a reduction in failures; and costs associated with re-work are decreased.

The award recognizes outstanding technical accomplishments that further the achievement of the vision of the Department of Defense (DoD) Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Program. It will be presented at the Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) in Phoenix, Arizona on December 1. This year’s conference theme is “The future is now…creating innovative paths towards game-changing results.”


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Welding of High Strength Steels presentation

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