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Better vitamins through nanotechnology

New research outlines how the creation of nanofibers could provide new and improved products and delivery systems for dietary supplements.

Nanofiber materials produced through a process called electrospinning are attracting particular attention in the food industry because of their potential to control the release of chemical constituents in the body.

Electrospinning uses an electrical charge to draw very fine (typically on the micro or nano scale) fibres from a liquid containing long-chain molecules – essentially providing a coating for health-promoting ingredients such as probiotics and vitamins. Electrospinning, and the related process of electrospraying, show promise as novel delivery vehicles for supplementary food compounds such as probiotics because they can be carried out at room temperature, with aqueous solutions and without complex coagulation chemistry. This means active ingredients can be better protected during the production process and as they pass through the digestive system.

Source: University of Lincoln

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