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Engineering material innovations at TechConnect 2015

Lehigh University engineers, materials scientists and chemists will present their innovative breakthroughs to a national showcase of investors and industrial partners at the TechConnect 2015 World Innovation Conference and National Innovation Showcase in Washington on June 14-17.

TechConnect is one of the largest multi-sector gatherings of technology IP, technology ventures, industrial partners, and investors in the world and brings together the world’s top technology transfer offices, companies, and investment firms to locate the most promising technologies and early stage companies from across the globe. The 2015 TechConnect World Innovation event includes the 2015 SBIR/STTR National Conference, the 2015 National Innovation Summit and Showcase, and Nanotech2015.

Lehigh MSE presenters include:

A biomedically superior bioactive glass that enables the production of porous bone scaffolds that can be tailored to match the tissue growth rate of a given patient type. Principal investigator: Himanshu Jain

A new pretreatment process to remove unwanted impurities in ceramic powders without any change in the physical properties, leading to better reproducibility of properties and reliability in the final products. Principal investigator: Martin Harmer

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