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Lehigh alum expert consultant for Deflategate investigation

On Wednesday, the N.F.L. released its report on the inquiry into the New England Patriots’ apparent deflation of game-day footballs. Lehigh alum Gabriel Ganot was part of the expert team conducting the planning, testing, analysis, and management of the extensive scientific analysis required.

The report concluded that the reduction in pressure of the Patriots’ game balls cannot be explained completely by basic scientific principles, such as the Ideal Gas Law.

The photo above, from one test conducted by Exponent, shows a football being subjected to 650-pound cyclic loading to simulate heavy game use.

Dr. Ganot received a bachelors degree in both Materials Science and Engineering and the Integrated Business and Engineering honors program in 2006. He is an Associate in Materials & Corrosion Engineering with Exponent Recruiting in Menlo Park, CA. His areas of expertise include failure analysis, materials science, and semiconductor processing with an emphasis on thin film technologies, particularly laser crystallization and defect formation in thin films. Prior to joining Exponent, he was Graduate Research Assistant at Columbia University, where he received his doctoral degree in 2012.

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